INF3410 Analog Microelectronics

Course in analogue microelectronics in modern CMOS micro-technology. The course teaches construction, analysis, simulation and measurement of integrated amplifiers, continuous filters and similar supporting circuits for measuring and controlling analogue processes.

The course had three labs, starting with characterising MOSFET transistors, then constructing and analysing a MOSFET amplifier, and finally constructing and finding the frequency response of a CMOS OP-AMP.

The lab experiments were performed both on physical components which were measured using tools automated with Matlab, and simulated using Cadence Virtuoso.

Lab reports are found here: Lab1 Lab2 Lab3

INF3430 Digital system construction

Course gives an introduction to advanced digital systems. This involves programmable logic circuits, the hardware design language VHDL, ASM flow charts, and design of system-on-chip.

The course had four labs where the first three built on each other an cumulated in synthesizeable VHDL code for a self regulating position control system with a feedback control loop. The fourth was to implement a MicroBlaze Soft Processor and program it in C.

INF5430 Advanced digital systems design

Course provides an in-depth coverage of systematical development and synthesis of advanced digital integrated circuits with emphasis on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. The course will cover digital hardware system design, digital arithmetic, dynamic partial reconfiguration of FPGA, high level synthesis and functional verification.

The course had four labs based around implementing hardware algorithms for multiplication and division which where then implemented in the ALU of a MIPS CPU, and then tested using SystemVerilog for verification.

INF4420 Projects in analogue/mixed-signal CMOS design

Course provides the skills needed to design analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuit modules using modern program tools, e.g. Cadence Virtuoso. The main focus of the course is complex systems such as data converters (A/D, D/A) and phase-locked loops (PLL). An introduction is given to CMOS technology and methods in order to implement passive components such as transistors, condensers and coils. In addition, matching, optimisation and noise deflection are all key aspects.

A central part of the course was a project designing a switched capacitor sample an hold with a multiphase clock generator. The circuit layout was performed in Cadence Virtuoso and analysed both pre and post layout. The specifications of the circuit were as follows:

  • input signal bandwidth: 1 MHZ
  • input swing: 300 mVpp
  • In-band attenuation: < 3 dB
  • Input common mode voltage: 600 mV
  • Dynamic range: > 8 bits
  • Settling error: < 1%
  • Cload: 200 fF

Pdf of full report can be found here

FYS4260 Microsystems and electronic packaging and interconnection technologies

Course teaches design, production and properties of different components used in electronic products. Component encapsulation. Circuit boards and other component carriers. Production processes for electronics, soldering, bonding and gluing. Hole mounting and surface mounting. Thick/thin film hybrid technique, polymer thick film technology. "Chip-on-board", TAB, automation, flexible robots, Reliability.

The main focus of the course was the design of an audio amplifier on a 2-layer PCB. Pdf of the full project report can be found here

FYS3220 - Linear circuit electronics

Fourier-, Laplace-and z-transforms, general theorems for linear electrical circuits, periodic and transient time behaviour, feedback and stability analysis, Bode- and Nyquist-diagrams, filter theory, synthesis, sampling. Laboratory exercises on 1.- og 2. order systems, feedback and control, filters and Fourier-transforms.

Lab1 Lab2 Lab3

FYS3230 - Sensors and measurement technology

This course focuses on sensors and their working principles, as well as signal conditioning and techniques used to make full measurement systems. Topics include transfer functions, linearity, sensitivity, accuracy, dynamic area. Both analog and digital signal handling was covered, as well as conversion principles between analog and digital representation.

FYS1210 - Electronics with projects

Teaches passive components, semiconductors, PN-junctions, bipolar/unipolar transistors, MOS-transistors, integrated circuits and amplifiers. Feedback and control systems, power supplies, signal and pulse generators, logical circuits, sensors and transducers, ADCs, and SPICE simulation.

INF1400 - Digital technology

This course gives a basic introduction to digital technology. The course will cover combinatory and sequential logic, from MOS transistors and simple logic gates based on CMOS technology to Boolean algebra, registers, counters, adders.