• Learning Rust Part 3: Copying vs Moving vs Borrowing

    Chapter 3 of Peter Shirley's book starts us of with Rays, a simple camera and background. We have to make some additions to our vec3 class, to implement operator overloading. Rust allows for limited operator overloading, where only certain operators can be overloaded.

  • Learning Rust Part 2: Object, but not classes

    Picking up where we left off in part 1, chapter 2 of Peter Shirley's book Ray Tracing in One Weekend introduces us to the class vec3. Vec3 allows for creating column vectors with three elements. The class has various methods that allows for finding the dot product, length of the vector, cross product etc. and also several operational overloads for vector addition, subtraction, division etc. Let's rewrite vec3 to rust!

  • Learning Rust Part 1: Hello World Graphic

    Now that I've compiled and installed rust it is time to learn how to write some rust programs. The posts in this series will be from the point of view of a C programmer, as C is my main programming language.

  • Hello Rust lang

    The rust programming language is an open source system programming language developed by Mozilla Research. It's three main goals are: safety, speed, and concurrency. Basically it tries to be a safe and modern alternative to C.

  • Setting up OpenVPN

    There are three big things that need to be done to set up a OpenVPN server.

  • Compiling Vim under Debian Linux

    I have been a Vim user for the last five years, since I started programming in university. I used it for everything, programming, config files, essays, LaTeX, thesis, Vim helped me through all. However I wanted to experience the other side and to that purpose emacs has been my goto editor for the last six months.

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